Hello... My name is ian!


I'm a Proud Father to a Beautiful Baby Girl, Husband to ER Trauma Nurse and Son & Brother to a Wonderful, yet Hectic Family!   So there is never a dull moment to say the least, but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way!   In fact, that's kind of how my career has been... Hectic & Ever Changing!


I started my own Real Estate Appraisal Company directly out of College and continued in the profession for 9 years, working & living  in both New Jersey and Las Vegas.  And it's during that time that I gained a love for the Real Estate Industry!   

But after moving out West to Vegas and Experiencing the Night Life and Entertainment industry, some friends and I decided to start an Interactive Event Photography Company.  We focused on using Cutting Edge Technology to provide Guests with Instantly Shareable & Branded Photographs during Live Events.  

Fast forward 12 Years later, and here I am... Combining my careers in Real Estate and Event Photography to take Amazing Photographs of Houses for MLS Listings!   And while I still run a busy Event Photography Company (www.nycphotoparty-2.com) I have expanded my services to the Real Estate field because it just felt Natural!

I greatly appreciate your interest in MLS Photo Pros and I look forward to helping you List, Sell & Close some properties soon!